(A) Class Asbestos Removal

(A) Class Asbestos Removal

National Infrastructure Solutions can provide Turnkey service for Asbestos removal throughout Victoria and Rural country areas.

All work to be undertaken in accordance with WorkSafe Australia Code of Practice for Asbestos Removal and relevant OH&S Legislation.

We service commercial, domestic and private sectors.


Asbestos Testing and Inspection Reports

When it comes to our homes, not everybody knows how to identify Asbestos that is located inside or outside the Premises. Our specialist team can help identify and plan the safe removal and disposal of asbestos.

Soil Abatement and Remediation Works

Our specialist team can help manage industrial or domestic sites that have contaminated soil throughout the property. We can provide an action plan to dispose of contaminated soil in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Full Enclosure and Encapsulation Works

If you have asbestos on your worksite but don’t need to remove it, we can use the encapsulation process, which is a certain adhesive sealant that penetrates the asbestos which hardens thus preventing any release of asbestos fibres. If you need to remove asbestos in the work place, we can set up a full enclosure to maximise safety which has the least potential for any airborne fibres to be released. We could use this process for all friable jobs.

Commercial and Domestic Premises Works

No job is too big or small for our specialist crew. We can cater for large commercial sites to small domestic homes. Whether it’s (A) or (B) works. Most common Asbestos on these sites will be eaves, vinyl floor tiles, asbestos cement sheeting, roof sheeting, gasket’s or ducts and conduits just to name a few products.

Disposal of Asbestos Contaminated Waste and Rubbish

We can collect and dispose of Asbestos waste from homes or worksite of any amount. Our fleet of vehicles and drivers are all E.P.A licensed.

Public Liability and Insurances and Clearance Certificates

All jobs undertaken will be covered for Public Liability and Workcover Insurance to give you peace of mind.

All clearance certificates will be underwritten by a fully licenced independent Hygienist, at the completion of the job.

Emergency and Make Safe Work

National Infrastructure Solutions has a fully qualified workforce that can handle any emergency or make safe works. This service is 24 hours 7 days a week for your convenience.


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