Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Preparing commercial and industrial buildings for connection is complex.

The design and construction of pit and pipe works for commercial and industrial buildings is complex.  Your design must address different terminations, multiple technologies and various cable types and sizes.  You need a partner who understands the cascading architecture required to connect these properties.  One with the up-to-date equipment needed for today’s changing telecommunications technology and an experienced management team that understands commercial and industrial sites.

NIS has extensive experience provisioning factories, nursing homes, schools, commercial office buildings and complexes, multi-storey apartment buildings, retail and mixed use complexes, business parks and industrial estates.  We understand the complexities that are unique to each of these and have qualified staff to guide you through the preparation of these properties.

NIS specialises in the following areas for commercial and industrial properties:

  • Lead In works
  • Pit and Pipe works
  • Fibre optic pre-provisioning
  • Telecommunications and NBN infrastructure design
  • VC81 Compliance Documentation
  • Trenching
  • Boring
  • Excavations