Connecting Phone, Internet & TV

Melbourne’s leading team for Lead-In works

Connecting landlines, the internet or TV can be tricky.  Many of our clients are unsure of their responsibilities, and those of their service provider, in this area.  The team at NIS can help you map through this.

NIS prepares thousands of Melbourne properties and buildings for connection each year and have a track record for delivering these services as promised – on time and on budget.

Our team are experts at constructing the infrastructure needed to prepare your property for connection to your chosen telecommunications, internet or pay TV provider.

Combined, we have over 70 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry.  We know where your responsibilities lie as the home owner or developer and what your service provider needs to do.  We work in this area every day and are fully abreast of ever-changing industry requirements and trends.

Our people hold all the relevant licenses and insurances to carry out Lead-In works and are highly experienced in the installation of fibre optic, HFC and copper cabling.  We also keep significant stock on hand ready to respond to those unplanned or emergency jobs that sometimes crop up.

NIS delivers Lead-In services for:

·    Telstra

·    NBN

·    Digital and Pay TV

·    Internet and computer networks

·    Security and video intercom

·    Residential homes and units

·    Multi-unit developments

·    Commercial buildings

·    Factories and warehouses

·    Residential estate developments

·    Business parks

·    Industrial estates

The NIS team is here to help get you ready for connection.